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I5.0+ - 2019-2022 policy systems

The Statistics on the Distribution and Decomposition of Disposable Income provide a set of indicators on inequality, poverty, marginal effective tax rates and the distribution of income components across deciles. These statistics are computed using the EUROMOD stable releases issued in January each year. They are prepared by the Joint Research Centre from model version I4.0+ onwards. Previous versions were prepared by ISER-University of Essex.

The latest statistics are computed using model version I5.0+. They comprise 2019-2022 policy systems for EU 27 and use EU-SILC 2020 datasets for all countries except Luxembourg, that uses EU-SILC 2019 data.

I models (2015-2021)

H models (2014-2017)

G models (2007-2016)

F models (2005-2010)

D models (1998-2005)

A models (1998-2001)