New members of the EUROMOD Scientific Advisory Board

  • 24 Jan 2024

The EUROMOD Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides guidance on the technical developments and on the overall scientific strategy of EUROMOD. It monitors the scientific use of the model in academic and policy circles, providing advice in support of its development, its documentation and dissemination, and its broad policy and academic impact. The (updated) governance rules of the SAB can be found here.

Recently two new members have been appointed: Andrea Brandolini and Eirini Andriopoulou.

Andrea Brandolini is currently Deputy Director General for Economics, Statistics and Research in the Bank of Italy. Previously he was the head of the Economic Structure and Labour Market Division in the Department for Structural Economic Analysis and head of the Statistical Analysis Directorate. He has represented the Bank of Italy in a number of commissions, working groups and scientific committees. He has an extensive research experience on poverty analysis, distribution of income and wealth, measurement of well-being and labour economics.

Eirini Andriopoulou is currently the Head of the Unit of Experts in Employment, Social Security, Welfare and Social Affairs (MEKY) at the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Previously she was the Head of the Microeconomic Policy and Microsimulations Division at the Council of Economic Advisors of the Hellenic Ministry of Finance. She has represented Greece as a national delegate in various EU and international committees and working groups. She is an expert in labor economics, applied microeconomic analysis and public policy.

The other five members of the SAB are:

  • Francesco Figari (IT NT)
  • Bent Greve (DK NT)
  • Iva Tasseva (BG NT)
  • Gerlinde Verbist (BE NT)
  • Katarina Jaksic (DG EMPL) [acting]