New EUROMOD public release 2024Q1

  • 29 Jan 2024

A new version of EUROMOD has been released! This 2024Q1 package includes four components:

New EUROMOD country reports and updated model documentation are also available.

All links above give you direct access to the corresponding components and documents.

What's new?

Compared to the previous release (model I5.99+ and software v3.6.8), this one includes the following updates/changes:


  • Updated 2023 policy systems for all countries.
  • Updated uprating indices and external statistics for 2023, and updates/corrections for previous years.
  • Updated exchange rates, including figures for the UK for compatibility with UKMOD.
  • Add-ons:
    • LMA: transition parameters for 2020 and 2021 in the policy are now conditional on the use of pre-COVID input data.
    • NRR: ils_sicot added to the NRR/PTR decomposition.
  • Bug fixes and improvements in all country models.


  • 2021 input data for 25 countries (all except PL and SK). Due to the heterogeneous influence of the COVID pandemic during the income year (2020), the allocation as best match is country-specific. Therefore, the 2021 dataset is not necessarily the best match for the most recent systems.


  • Core software:
    • Improved error-checking for loop functions.
    • Added a condition for system year in the ChangeParam function.
    • Added the options to "Set all N/A to X" and "set all X th N/A" in the Databases form context menu.
    • Added four new Placeholders: =sysyear=, =data=, =datayear=, =datacoicop=.
    • In the "Define Content" form, added checkboxes to select all Countries, Add-ons, Global files.
    • DefTU: the “Default” value is now used by default for the dependent child condition.
  • Applications:
    • EUROMOD Statistics
      • Improved Excel export to properly show N/A and NaN values.
      • Statistics Presenter now uses a new browser engine.
    • External statistics
      • Will now read all relevant incomelists, even if they are set to "off".
    • Hypothetical Household Tool (HHoT)
      • Added new HHoT files.


  • New beta version of the Stata connector, including Stata help files.