New EUROMOD beta release (I5.41+)

  • 13 May 2023

A new beta version of EUROMOD has been released! It includes new model and new software, both available in the Download EUROMOD section. New datasets are not included in this release, but they will be available in the next beta release scheduled for September.

What's new?

Compared to the latest stable release (I5.0+), this one includes the following updates/changes:


  • Improved uprating indices for all years
  • Bug fixes and improvements in all country models


Model I5.41+ beta is released together with a new software version (v3.6.2), which includes the following features in relation to the previous version publicly released (v3.5.8):

  • Core software:
    • Added a new table for External Statistics, which is used by the new Macrovalidation tool (see next section)
    • Fixed a bug in the Uprating Indices form where columns without any values were ignored
    • Added the possibility of conditional uprating by regular expressions
    • Improved the help file
  • Applications:
    • New Macrovalidation tool to compare EUROMOD results with external statistics and SILC variables
    • Hypothetical Household Tool (HHoT)
      • Updated HHoT files
      • Fixed a bug related to derived variables using other variables that contained numbers in their name
    • EUROMOD Statistics
      • Unified the Statistics Presenter and the In-depth Analysis tools under a single button (EUROMOD Statistics)
      • Reorganised the Statistics Presenter templates to have tables grouped in a similar manner to In-depth Analysis
      • Added multiple breakdowns to both Statistics Presenter templates and In-depth Analysis
      • Allowed for file filtering when selecting the files for Statistics Presenter and In-depth Analysis
      • Improved the Excel export of all statistics (added support for borders, bold, auto-column-width etc.)
      • Updated the UKMOD templates

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are using custom templates in the Statistics Presenter, please note that the location for them has moved:

  • from c:\ProgramData\EUROMOD\Plugins\StatisticsPresenter\UserSelectableTemplates\
  • to c:\ProgramData\EUROMOD\UserSelectableTemplates\