New EUROMOD beta release (I4.62+)

  • 12 May 2022

A new beta version of EUROMOD has been released! Download links and data request form can be found in the Access EUROMOD area on this website

What’s new?

This beta release enables users to obtain updated estimates of the several components of household disposable income for each Member State up to the policy year 2021. It basically consists of the inclusion and configuration of a new EUROMOD input database (2020) for 16 countries and the updating of the aggregate statistics used for the uprating factors up to 2021 (with respect to the previous public version of the model). This update is a key input for Eurostat’s nowcasting exercises conducted for the flash-estimates on poverty and inequality. It does not yet contain information on the policy systems of the current year (2022), as the next beta release will.

Compared to the latest public release (I4.0+), the model includes:


  • Updated uprating factors up to 2021 and correction of errors/bugs.


  • New EUROMOD input data for 2020 (income reference year 2019) included in this release: AT, BE, BG, CZ, EE, ES, FI, HR, LT, LV, MT, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK.
  • Eurostat EMSD databases. The EUROMOD 2020 input data is mainly based on the EUROMOD SILC database (EMSD) generated by Eurostat. The EMSD includes all UDB (User Database) variables, as well as national SILC data supplied by National Statistical Institutes and EUROMOD variables created and imputed by Eurostat because of restricted data access or in-house knowledge.


  • Model release fully compatible with EUROMOD software 3.4.10 already available in the EUROMOD website since February 2022.