EUROMOD enriched with HBS microdata

  • 25 Mar 2024

EUROMOD will be soon extended to cover consumption taxes. The first beta version is planned to be disseminated in September 2024. In order to simulate consumption taxes, the underlying SILC data will be complemented by the imputation of HBS expenditure shares. This implies that access to the Eurostat Household Budget Surveys (HBS) microdata will be needed.

Researchers with access to EUROMOD input data should therefore check if their Research Project Proposals (RPP), for which they were granted access to the EUROMOD input data, allows also to access HBS microdata. If this is the case, they should confirm it by email to referring to the RPP number.

If it does not, the EUROMOD-related RPP should be amended to include HBS datasets. The amendment procedure is well explained in the document available on the Eurostat website. To ease the process, principal researchers or data managers with current access to EUROMOD have already received a template for such amendment. Please contact us at in case you have not. Should you have another RPP with HBS access, please mention it to Eurostat while requesting the amendment, to facilitate the process, but notice that it will not entitle you to access the future EUROMOD input datasets including HBS. After the EUROMOD related RPP is amended, please inform so that access to the files is granted in due time.

If an RPP, for which access to EUROMOD input data was granted, will not allow for HBS access from September 2024 onwards, researchers of this RPP will maintain the access to previous EU-SILC-based EUROMOD input data until the expiry date of the RPP, but will not get access to new data releases.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.